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Poetic Consolations (paperback) Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul Biblical ABC Learning (paperback)
Poetic Consolations helps during times of mourning through poetic words of comfort. Bereavement can be difficult, Poetic Consolations will help to give comfort, as well as remind readers that God is still in control.

Cover Design by: Art by AmW
Poetic Compilations of the Heart, Mind and Soul will intrigue, entertain, enlighten and encompass the reader with poetic words and stanzas of delight. Poetic Heart combines various levels of love from relationships to parenthood. Poetic Mind gives the reader something to think about on many levels. Poetic Soul is on a spiritual level.

Cover Design: Art by AmW
Biblical ABC Learning is a full color illustrated children's book, enabling alphabet and Bible learning together. Children will begin learning about different people, places, events, words of praise and books of the Bible. The Bible learning can also be beneficial to kids that have surpassed the alphabet learning phase. Each letter/Bible word includes an illustration to give children a visual of what they are learning. The book, chapter and verse(s) are included to reference. As a bonus, additional Bible words are located in the back of the book. The additional Bible words DO NOT have illustrations, however the book, chapter and verse(s) are included with each additional word.

Cover Design by: Black Encryption Designs
Illustrations by: Art by AmW